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We have TWO brand new scavenger hunts ready to go. 10 new clues and locations for each one. Rare and valuable prizes await you as you explore areas of spawn you may not have seen yet. Begin at the tag/title building in spawn by getting the first key from the explorer there. Good luck!

01 Apr 2021, 15:57 0 | 1
Our Casino is now open in the Blue Light District! Try /warp casino to play slots, roulette, crash and more!

03 Oct 2020, 03:27 0 | 1
Thanks to our Champion Team - KrazySlayer12 and DrBusiness_Peel (aka Anti_Unique) and our Runner Ups - Kuixer and HadesOverlord for their hard work. Our new quest valley will be copied over and launch soon.

07 May 2020, 00:49 0 | 1
We have a fantastic new quest valley that is sitting and waiting to be finished out with YOUR design! We need buildings, walkways, trees, etc. 

JUDGES: Lord Gono, taylorgrandorf, VibbyRB 

Results announced Saturday, 5/2 on live stream.

-You will choose a design style for your own project. This can be medieval, retro, classical, or anything else you can come up with!
-You will build buildings, walkways, foliage (trees, plants), bridges, and anything else necessary for your concept.
-We do not currently have quests written for this area, so it can be anything!
-You can dig into the ground to make caves and tunnels, but please do not build outside of the existing valley.

$125,000 IN-GAME

Contact taylorgrandorf either here of in-game. We'll need to duplicate the terrain to a space for you in the creative world so that you can build your design.

29 Apr 2020, 22:38 0 | 1